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Archive for June, 2009

I heart wolfhounds.

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love wolfhounds. A beautiful and gentle dog, today’s Irish Wolfhound is the descendant of the larger, more aggressive Irish Warhound; a breed which features heavily in The Crowded Shadows, book two of the Moorehawke trilogy.

Imagine my delight yesterday when at the local fair I met up with this fellow! His name is Setanta and he is everything the breed should be; gentle, intelligent, strong and noble. If I wasn’t already the proud owner of The Best Dog In the World (my beloved collie/lab cross, Indy) I’d be out mortgaging the house to buy myself a wolfhound pup – and I’d call him Boro.


Setanta eyeing me quizzically.

Setanta eyeing me quizzically.


Setanta hoping that if he stopped looking at me, I'd go away.

Setanta hoping that if he stopped looking at me, I'd go away.

Thanks Tara K!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009
Thanks so much to Tara K who sent me a link to her review of The Crowded Shadows. I’m absolutely delighted that you enjoyed it so much Tara, and that you took the time to write such an in depth review!
I’ve put Tara and Anna T’s reviews up on my reader’s letters page if you’d like to read them.


‘The Crowded Shadows’ First reader’s letter!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I got a lovely surprise when I check for mail this morning. My very first reader response to The Crowded Shadows!

Anna Tomalczyk, you made my day! 

I’ve put Anna’s fantastic letter onto the reader’s letters’ page of the website. If you read it, you’ll understand why my feet won’t touch the ground today :0)

Also many thanks to the lovely Valentina for her review of The Poison Throne. I often check out Valentina’s blog when I’m looking for an idea of what’s good to read. Her reviews are very honest and insightful.


Crowded Shadows, Ashkr and Sól

Friday, June 19th, 2009

 I finally succumbed and let myself draw some of the characters from The Crowded Shadows. Of course it had to be Ashkr and Sólmundr, and of course I had to include Christopher Garron too.

So, here is Christopher with Ash ( in the foreground) and Sól.  Anyone who has read the book can make a good guess what Ashkr is looking at. Hope you like it! Now - back to the graphic novel. Time runs short.

(This picture is just a detail of the whole. If you click on it you wil go to my DA account where you can click it again for a higher res version)


Christopher, Ashkr and Sól

Christopher, Ashkr and Sól

Aliens need to frown.

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Drawing away at the graphic novel today and it struck me – it doesn’t matter a fig that Alien species would have no reason to develop anthropomorphic means of non-verbal communication. I still need to make seven foot high chameleon creatures laugh, smile and frown – otherwise my human readers won’t know what the hell they’re on about.

Ah well. There’s nothing that’s more fun to draw then a laughing lizard.

(all characters copyrighted to Celine Kiernan. Of course)

Thomas is reunited with the Keesharitza

Thomas is reunited with the Keesharitza

Moorehawke Trilogy Covers AUS/NZ

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

As you know, my Australian publishers Allen and Unwin have been working on all three Moorehawke covers at once. Well this morning my fantastic editor sent me all three and she said I could share them with you guys. Here they are – aren’t they bloody lovely? I love the look and feel of these books so much and cannot wait to hold them in my hands! The covers are so rich and evocative and unusual. The interlocking tree idea is fantastic and I love the way the Book number ( Book I Book II Book III) is incorporated in the O of each title. Fantastic design work. 

Big, big props to the amazing Elise Hurst who is the genius responsible for the artwork on each cover. If you would like some idea of the amount of thought that Elise put into these, check out this blog post where she talks us through the process of working a triptych of designs which all link via the borders of trees.

Elise, if ever I meet you in person I intend to hug you so hard that you will be in severe danger of rib damage! Everything about these covers is perfect! I adore your attention to detail - the sturdy medieval looking horses, the weapons, the atmosphere, and most of all the characters. Wynter is so close to how I see her in my head that it’s spooky! I love the depictions of Razi and Christopher in the final cover and I’m just thrilled that you gave Wyn Razi’s falchion sword ( it’s such a lovely subtle symbol of some of the themes in the final book.) You, madam, quite simply rock.

Australian The Poison Throne

Australian The Poison Throne

Australian The Crowded Shadows

Australian The Crowded Shadows


Australian The Rebel Prince

Australian The Rebel Prince


And here is a low res version of all three together. If you would like to see a better res version click the picture to be taken to my DA account where you can click it again for an even better image.

All three Moorehawke covers.

All three Moorehawke covers.

Guten Tag Eveline und Saskia!

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Hello folks, I was contacted by two of my my fans in Germany asking if I could sign their copies for them. Of course I can’t really get out to Germany, so I drew them a bookplate instead and signed it! Saskia and Eveline, I am so glad that you liked the bookplate, I hope it makes up for my not being able to sign your books for you. Thank you so very much for saying I can post it on my blog, despite it having been drawn just for you :0)

Here is it folks – yes, I know that there should be little double dots over the ‘a’ in Madchen and the ‘o’ in Von, but I simply don’t know how to that! So I drew them in by hand :0)

Schattenpfade bookplate

Schattenpfade bookplate

Easons Book of The Month

Thursday, June 4th, 2009
To my great delight Easons have named The Poison Throne as their June Book of The Month!
Can you believe it? As a consequence, I’ll be in Dublin this Saturday (June 6th) to celebrate the launch of Easons’ Summer Reading Campaign. So if you fancy coming along and getting your copy of the Poison Throne signed I’ll be in Eason’s on O’Connell Street, looking dazed and bemused as usual. If we’re lucky it’ll be too hot for the ubiquitous high-heels – I might have to wear ribbon sandals instead.
I’m actually heading up to Dublin on Friday the 5th, so keep an eye out for me as I’ll be dashing about the Dublin bookshops with the lovely Sarah from The O’Brien Press. We’re going to be handing out ARC’s for The Crowded Shadows and I’ll be signing the new copies of The Poison Throne ( the ones with the lovely cat’s eye cover!)

God, I love my life.

Sunshine, a Mental Holiday and Comic books.

Monday, June 1st, 2009
Gawd help us, what glorious weather! It is only by a supreme act of will that I am still at the drawing board – it helps a lot that I love my job and in particular I love this project ( I’m taking a few weeks to prep the submission art for the graphic novel.)

Mind you – it’s not like I haven’t already developed the obligatory ‘Irish Tan’ ( a roaring red, almost fatal, sunburn – caused by the milk-white Irish stripping to our underwear and dropping to the ground as soon as the sun breaks the clouds – sunscreen? What’s that?)

I spent all day yesterday sitting on the grass at the local jamboree, drinking a pint and watching the most incredible display of locking, popping and hiphop, followed by a most impressive breakdancing competition. Behind me a hot-air balloon slowly inflated and drifted into the hazy blue and all around me the musical combination of Eastern European, African and Brazilian voices mixed nicely with the Dublin and Cavan accents.  ‘Jesus,’ I thought. ‘Ireland has bloody changed.’

Long may it last.

But sunshine or not, it’s back to the drawing-board today – I’ve only given myself a couple of weeks for the graphic novel, as I really must go back and polish The Rebel Prince while I still have the chance.  Here’s a little snap shot of what I’m working on at the mo. If you want to see a larger section of this page, click the picture below. It will take you to my DA page where you can click again for an enlarged copy.


Section from Thomas Clarke Graphic Novel.

Section from Thomas Clarke Graphic Novel.