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Archive for May, 2009

The Crowded Shadows: extract

Monday, May 25th, 2009

As promised, to celebrate OBP’s release of the ARC’s, I have put an extract from The Crowded Shadows up on my website. I chose the beginning of the 33rd chapter Protection, as it is one of my favourite sections of the book.

The Crowded Shadows is a dark and violent book, this is reflected in this extract don’t say you weren’t told!

Just click the cover below. I hope you enjoy it!

The Crowded Shadows

The Crowded Shadows


Friday, May 22nd, 2009


Hello, folks! Sorry about the silence recently. Ever since we put The Crowded Shadows to bed I seemed to have slipped into a vegetative state. I have no words, don’t want to talk, don’t want to write. It’s quite blissful really. Before this coma hit, I was planning on re-reading The Rebel Prince ( Book Three in the Moorehawke Trilogy) with a view to polishing it, and I was thinking of resuming work on my next book - but I think my brain is telling me that it’s high time for a rest, so I’ve returned to my long neglected graphic novel instead. It’s obviously exactly what I needed as I’m lashing my way through the artwork without a care in the world. It’s a real joy to just use my hands again. As an added bonus, my brain has slipped into that dreamy auto-pilot I love – that kind of mental primordial soup from which novels are born. Lovely.

I was lucky enough to attend the CBI summer conference last Saturday, and I wanted to shout out to the great folks at CBI who looked after me so well. Mags and Tom, you guys are just great! I had a ball, and I can’t believe I was lucky enough to meet the great Shaun Tan ( so lovely!) and hear Patrick Ness speak ( Gawd, but he was brilliant!) When it came to my turn, I did my usual thing where I get on stage, open my mouth and just let fly – I can’t remember a word I said, but no-one threw tomatoes and if they snored they snored very quietly, so I’m hoping it wasn’t too awful.

I very much enjoyed reading from The Crowded Shadows. It’s one of my favourite sections in the book, very bloody and tense, and I think it went down well. Like I said, there was a remarkable lack of tomato throwing. Mind you, that may have been because Tom confiscated them all at the door.

Speaking of The Crowded Shadows, I have just recieved the cover artwork! Oh, Lord above, I love it! The ARC’s are coming out in the next couple of weeks and to celebrate I’m going to put an extract from The Crowded Shadows on my website, and the cover art here on the blog. I’ll do this on Monday!

In the meantime, check out the beautiful cover for the second edition print run of The Poison Throne. How sumptuous is this? Haven’t the OBP just done another fantastic job?

The Poison Throne

The Poison Throne

Not only that – but check out the Spanish edition! El Trono Envenenado, how cool is this?

El Trono Envenenado

El Trono Envenenado

CBI Summer Conference

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Off to Dublin to address at the CBI Summer Conference, where I’ll be talking about my work and giving an advance reading from The Crowded Shadows. Very excited at the chance to meet Shaun Tan and Patrick Ness – and hearing them talk about their work.

Possibly unwisely, I stayed up until two AM polishing the final draft of The Crowded Shadows ( Done. Done. Done.) OBP are putting it to bed this month and there should be advance reader copies available by the beginning of June! How exciting. I’m more then a little bit shattered though, to be honest – I look like a Skeksi. I hope I don’t fall asleep at wheel or on the podium. The former would be inconvenient to all, the latter funny but embarrassing :0)

OK. Off to the big shmoke. Wish me luck.

Irish Book Awards

Friday, May 8th, 2009

So, I’ve finally recovered enough from the Irish Book Awards to string some coherent sentences together! Gawd, what a fantastic night. It did indeed meet all my glittery expectations, with a lovely crowd of people in attendance, very friendly, open and warm - a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Judi Curtain and I spent the night in the company of my fantastic agent, Svetlana Pironko (otherwise known to me as ‘my ninja bodyguard’ - always a fun woman with whom to quaff champagne.): The lovely Ruth Heneghan and Brenda Boyne, PR and sales for the O’Brien Press and two women to whom I owe an immeasurable amount of thanks ( also two of the best people you could find with whom to quaff champers and have fun) Ivan O’Brien and the indefatigable Michael O’Brien, also accompanied me – Michael is my Irish publisher and the man who gave me my first break. He is an all round superman when it comes to Children’s Literature and, more importantly, great fun.  Thanks guys, I had a ball!

I didn’t get to have the promised light-sabre duel with Mr Derek Landy ( I think he was running scared of the red high heels) but I have to say, losing the senior category award to him was well worth it because his speech had me in stitches. The man is effortlessly hilarious – doesn’t mean I won’t run you over in my bat mobile next time I see you Landy! Be afraid!

Next Saturday ( 16th May) I’ll be attending the CBI Summer Conference in the National Gallery Dublin. I’ll be reading from The Crowded Shadows: Book Two in the Moorehawke Trilogy and talking about writing in general and the changing face of children’s literature in particular. Maybe I’ll see you there :0)

Irish Book Awards tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Heading to the big shmoke tomorrow for the Irish Book Awards ceremony in the Mansion House. Never been to anything like this before, should be great crack altogether. The husband and kids will be txting me to let me know the outcome of the Barcelona/Chelsea match and I’ll be txting them to let them know who’s won what!
Talk to you Friday!