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Moorehawke is moving home…

November 9th, 2010

So I’ve moved All Things Moorehawke and Otherwise to a new host. I just can’t cope with the amount of damage The Big Hack did to this original blog ( I can’t edit posts once they are published – the SPAM filter is cat – and apparently there are viagra ads hidden all over the gaff  … grrrrrr)

Anyone who wants to stay in touch  can find me HERE because from this post on, I’m hanging around at the new place :)

Moorehawke gets honourable mention in GenreVille’s top 2010

November 9th, 2010

Genreville is the fantasy/scifi/horror blog for PW

Genreville is the fantasy/scifi/horror blog for PW

Rose Fox calls Moorehawke  ‘An improbably terrific epic fantasy trilogy.’

And boy am I in some great company (so delighted to see Mr Shivers in the horror section.)

Very happy today :)

Pirates, You Be Bleedin’ Me Dry. Please Stop.

November 7th, 2010

piracy Ok, so I’ve now lost count of the number of piracy sites that have my books up for illegal download as bit torrents or as pdfs or as so called ‘e-books’  The general advice in these cases, is to go to each site and ‘politely ask them to take your book down’.  Apparently, ‘they never refuse’. Yeah. So I’m being asked to trawl the net on a daily basis hunting down and finding these sites, then ‘politely asking’ them not to steal my work?

Believe it or not, I have neither the patience nor the time.

Pirates and pirate-site users, I’m not going to give you the ‘I have a family to support and these books are my lively hood’ speech. I’m not going to give you the ‘musicians, artists and writers are the only folks in the world who have to justify getting paid for their work’ speech, I’m not even going to point out that ‘if my sales are low my publishers will think twice about publishing another of my books.’

To do that would be to assume that you are too stupid to know any of that for yourselves.

I’m just going to ask you to stop. Ok? Stop stealing money from my pocket, sales from my reputation, and business from the legit booksellers and sites who legally support me and others like me. If you can’t afford to buy my work then, please, go to the library - at least they keep track of how many times the books are checked out - and those reports go back to my publishers, and believe it or not, that’s important.


November 5th, 2010


SO … I thought I’d be watching The Walking Dead TV series tonight. I really did. I’ve been waiting for it with grabby hands and shining eyes since I first heard they were adapting the graphic novel series. I LOVE the Walking Dead graphic novels. Robert Kirkman’s writing amazes and delights me with every issue. Uncompromising, honest, gritty and tradgic, it’s got everything I love in writing - Plus Zombies. There hasn’t been anything like this for me in years. I’m a die hard fan. Team that with Frank Darbond and zooowee… I’m there man.

Well … I was there.

You know what I forgot? I forgot that Zombie movies give me nightmares. Ahuh, cowering, puking, shivering in the corner nightmares. I’ve had them on and off for years. They always involve me running, tear soaked and desperate, through a barren countryside/endless corridors of a stately home. They always end with me crouched in a corner/against a drystone wall with one of my kids and a hammer while hoards of zombies close in.

Me, my kid*  and a hammer. Yeah. Lovely.

Guess what I woke from this morning: Starey-eyed, heart-rabbiting, cold-sweat-drenched, still clutching the imaginary hammer in one hand and shielding my kids eyes with the other?

Yeah. Reading the graphic-novels doesn’t do this to me. Writing my own undead fiction doesn’t do it to me. I actually don’t think I can face the TV show. I really don’t. But I still want to see it.



* and they’re always a small child in the dream - despite them being big bruisers of human beings at this stage, well able to combat a zombie on their own.

Shameless linkaging

November 3rd, 2010

I’ve just put the structural edits on Ghostbook to bed, and I’m in the middle of doing up the latest issue of the newsletter. So I’m shamelessly filching the interestingness of other for your edification and amusement. The trio of links to follow are two causes I am devoted to and one very interesting article which talks about those neglected folks in the book world - the readers.


One: That Lunatic Dave Maybury is growing a tasche to support Prostate Cancer research. Everyone who knows me, knows that this cause is unfortunately one very close to my heart. Not to put too fine a point on it DONATE!


Two: Sakineh Ashtiani is still in danger of execution. As far as I know, her son and her lawyer are still in jail for thier attempts to save her from the Iranian justice system. Please take a moment ( literally one moment of your time) to not only potentially save Sakineh’s life again, but to show the Iranian government that we notice and care. Send a message HERE


Thirdly and on a lighter note. This is a very interesting piece by Laura Miller on her attitude to NanoWriMO. I’ve nothing against NaNoWriMo myself, but this article brings up many things I agree with. The most resonant line for me? ‘ far more money can be made out of people who want to write novels than out of people who want to read them’ You can say that again.

Read Laura’s article here

Qualities needed to become a published writer

October 27th, 2010

Here is a segment of a long interview I did this morning. The interviewer is a lovely young woman from New Zealand called Amelia Brenchley, and she’s interviewing me as part of a school project. I was floored by how interesting Amelia’s questions were so I thought I might share some of them. This is probably the poorest sound quality of the entire interview, but it’s easy enough to hear. I really liked this question! No-one had ever asked it of me before. ( I’ll be putting the rest of the questions on youtube later)

Thank you, Amelia! It was a real treat to speak with you this morning.

Bookclubs, Goodreads and Skype

October 26th, 2010

The Poison Throne

The Poison Throne

So I’m taking a breather from the Ghostbook edits today, and heading to Bailieborough library for my first ever session with a bookclub. I’m quite excited. I’ve only ever addressed conferences before, or done readings for young adult audiences - it’s going to be very interesting to sit down to a Q&A with a group of adults who have read the book on a critical level. I wonder what kind of questions I’ll be asked?

Tomorrow I’ll be skyping again. A young woman from New Zealand is going to interview me for her school project. We’ll be doing our technically challenged best to record the interview so fingers crossed we can!

Apologies again for the delays in newsletter sign ups and in the lack of replies to reader mail. I sat down to tackle the backlog on Sunday and was happily distracted by a particularly delightful group of readers on Goodreads. We ended up messaging each other for the whole time I was meant to be mail-answering, and I got nothing done ( except have lots of fun. Heeeee!) Next weekend I will catch up. This I swear (ish.)

And we’re off

October 19th, 2010

If only I could type with my feet.

If only I could type with my feet.

Despite the fact of only having one small brain, I find myself once again overloaded with awesome things to do.

Firstly, I’m delighted to say that Irish edits have begun on the Ghost Book (hoorah!) I had a meeting with my new ed yesterday during which much coffee was sipped, and apple tart nibbled. We talked long and hard and decide where we’re going with my protagonists, Pat and Dom, and the darkness in which they find themselves. I’m very happy with New Ed’s suggestions ( and quite surprised a how little has to be done) I came home rubbing my hands with glee, ready to get down to it.

But I’m at a very strong section of the current novel right now, and so the next couple of days my focus will be on getting that section finished. There’s a pretty major change of tone after this bit and I won’t feel too bad laying it aside for a couple of weeks, but I feel it would be a big mistake to walk away from my characters right at this moment. No-one wants to be left lying underground in the dark with only half a dress on. It just don’t feel right. So Pat and Dom will have to wait ’til I’m finished with Tina and Joe, and then full steam ahead with Ghostbook.

Tomorrow I’m heading up for a photoshoot in Glasnevin Cemetery ( the photo will illustrate an article I wrote for You magazine) so fingers crossed it stops drizzling and the clouds part for some of that glorious Autumn gold we had last week.

Friday I’ll be on the Tom Dunne Show again. He’d better not ask me anything to do with numbers. He’ll be well within reach of my slapping hand this time and I’m not afraid to use it!

And with that - I’m diving into work. Got to get Tina off the damp ground and into some proper clothes before she catches her death.


Favourite Quotes

October 17th, 2010

While I was in Clare a very nice woman called Theresa (Teresa?) asked me for my favourite Moorehawke quotes. I did my best under the rather rushed circumstances, but I’m fairly certain I misquoted myself. So Theresa (Teresa) here are the quotes in full and as written ( I added a few more. As you requested I stuck ( mostly) to character dialogue, but it was too difficult for me to chose just one per book : ) ):

The Poison Throne

Lorcan: They are looking for someone to blame, baby-girl. A reason for their trouble. They think if they can find that one reason, and deal with it, then their troubles will end.’

Wynter: There is nothing you can do for me here, Christopher, that I cannot do for myself.

Christopher: It’s the hope of things lasting that does us in ain’t it? If only we could shake that stupid illusion, the belief that this time we’ll be able to stay - this time, things will last - then we’d all be much happier.

The Crowded Shadows

Wynter: Do not worry, Razi. You are not alone. You and me and Christopher - together we can fix everything.

Christopher:  Adapt. It is the only way. The word will not always stay the same just to suit you.

Razi: It is a man’s duty to protect the ones he loves. Not to spill their blood in the hope that it will make his life easier.

The Rebel Prince

Razi: Am I never to have one single, honest feeling? Will it always be one betrayal weighed against another?

Oliver: We are small and vulnerable, and your father’s vision of the world makes us a thorn in the side of everyone but God! And I don’t care what the priests told us when we were young, God lends no hand to the weak in this world, though he may love them in the next. In this world we must make ourselves strong that we may battle the wicked and protect the good.

Useless? My God. When had she ever judged Razi by his uses to her?

Wynter: I cannot help but feel that had you allowed you heir speak thus to you, much of this kingdom’s problems may have been forestalled. It seems a little more talk and a little less rage may well have calmed this storm before it even began.

Off to Clare

October 11th, 2010

cbf_brochure I’m running running running as usual! All flustered and slightly disorganised. It’s off to the Clare Children’s Book Festival where I will be reading from Moorehawke, and chatting away to my hearts content. Can’t wait!

Should be back Friday. See you then. Until then you can find me here,

Tuesday 12th

Scariff Library at 11.15

Killaloe Library at 2.15

Wednesday 13th

Kilrush Library at 11am.

Kildysart Library at 2pm.